Events in 2017

19 September, University of Granada

EB meeting


21 September, 1 pm, CG Office Brussels

 Life Sciences WG meeting


4-5 October, University of Turku

Doctoral Studies WG meeting


12-13 October, University of Salamanca

EB meeting


15-18 October, Dubrovnik

Navigate your career! PhD training workshop on career preparation


27 October, Brussels (KoWi)

Social Sciences & Humanities WG meeting


10 November, University of Edinburgh

Latin America WG meeting


13-14 November, Trinity College Dublin 

CG High-Level Policy Seminar for Rectors and Vice-Rectors on Education 


14 November, Trinity College Dublin

EB meeting


22-23 November, Aarhus University

Academic Exchange & Mobility WG meeting


23-24 November, University of Padova

Employability WG meeting 


30 November - 1 December,  University of Padova

Heritage WG meeting


15-16 December, University of Granada

Development Co-operation WG meeting


19 December

EB online meeting, from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm (Brussels time)


Events in 2018

15 February, Brussels (KoWi)

Academic Exchange & Mobility WG meeting


30 May - 1 June, University of Salamanca

Coimbra Group Annual Conference

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