Education Innovation


The potential offered by information and communication technologies, pedagogical research, the general expectation that students can and should participate more in their own learning process, widening of access and participation, as well as the use of relevant resources outside the boundaries of Academia, all point to the central importance of a Working Group dedicated to Education Innovation in its many different forms in the pursuit of enhanced teaching and learning.  

Expected outcomes  

- Exchange of experiences, best practice and programmes;

- Broader cooperation among Coimbra Group Universities in Education Innovation, leading to joint educational research and the implementation of proven innovative approaches to teaching and learning for the benefit of the specific academic setting;

- Analysis and use of opportunities for the enhancement of teaching and learning provided by technologies (on-line programmes, blended learning, etc.), especially in collaborative approaches for Coimbra Group universities; 

- Participation in joint European academic cooperation and research projects in the field of education innovation and the use of new technologies; 

- Contribution to the production of policy documents, organization of seminars or other events in the field.

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