Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (in this established acronym-friendly order) have benefited, over the centuries and still today, from fundamental contributions of scholars from universities which are now members of the Coimbra Group. STEM remains a major factor of modernization and progress for society at large. As research-intensive universities, the members of the Coimbra Group are firmly committed to and constantly develop and expand their research and education in STEM, also including societal outreach related to these fields. 

Expected outcomes  

- An increased level of cooperation of Coimbra Group universities in the STEM academic fields, whose outcomes should include:

- Sharing and dissemination with the Coimbra Group of information and good practice on STEM structures, activities and projects;

- Close monitoring of and contribution to European policy-making in education and research and its impact on STEM;

- Sharing and dissemination of initiatives to attract young people to the STEM fields (Children’s Universities, pre-university campuses for school children, ...);

- Liaison with the SSH and Life Sciences Working Groups for the furtherance of interdisciplinary approaches and projects;

- Effective support to the Executive Board on possible proposals from the Coimbra Group aimed at influencing and shaping European programmes and policies regarding STEM.

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